The Graying of America


Irja & Lucille

“Irja and me, there is going to be a time when we won’t be together.” 
—Lucille Alpert

Meet the two women featured in SUNSET STORY.

Lucille Alpert
A native of Chicago, Alpert graduated from the University of Chicago and worked as a social worker her entire professional life, retiring at age 76. Alpert’s husband died when their son was a baby and she never remarried. She was a left-leaning news junkie and happy to supply witty, opinionated commentary on any topic of the day, until the day she died at age 95.
Lucille Alpert, wearing glasses and an obvious gray wig, a white sweater draped across her shoulders looks at the camera with a slight smile.

Irja Lloyd
The daughter of Finnish immigrants, Lloyd grew up poor in Avon, Connecticut. Her first exposure to activism was through her father, who organized the laborers of their local steel factory. In her words, living through the Depression made her “almost revolutionary.” She remained engaged with politics and activism her entire life, both for the special education students she taught and for all the other causes she held dear. After retiring at age 76, Lloyd had even more time for organizing and was a beloved member and leader of the Sunset Hall community. She passed away in August 2003 at age 83.
Irja Lloyd, in short gray hair and glasses, wearing a black top and smiling in front of a helium balloon reading “Happy Birthday!”

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