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Ilinca Calugareanu Returns to Her 1980s Romania Roots

Chuck Norris vs Communism may not literally be the retro action film the title implies, it’s a shorthand way of reflecting how this new documentary captures the giddy way Romanians in the 1980s must have felt when they were given access to bootleg copies of American films. Trapped in a repressive Eastern Bloc society where decadent … READ MORE

Nine Movies about the Power of Cinema

In Ilinca Calugareanu’s documentary Chuck Norris vs. Communism [premiering Monday, Jan. 4 on PBS; check local listings], a handful of Romanians who endured the Cold War reminisce about congregating surreptitiously in cramped apartments to watch American action films on illegal VCRs. Some parts of the experience they recall fondly: like the camaraderie of movie nights, … READ MORE