From an animation in Feels Good Man of a desktop full of memes, Pepe the frog and otherwise
Beyond the Films

October 08, 2020

From Kilroy to Pepe: A Brief History of Memes

Independent Lens in Beyond the Films

By Lennlee Keep What do Pepe the Frog, the Spanish Inquisition, the blinking guy, the French Revolution, concern for the environment, and the Third Reich all have in common? These…...

From animation of Pepe the Frog playing a video game with pal, from Matt Furie art

October 02, 2020

How a Cartoon Frog Became a Symbol for a “Confounding Moment in Our History”

Craig Phillips in Behind the Films

Filmmakers Arthur Jones and Giorgio Angelini both bring very unique artistic backgrounds to the drawing table that led to the fruitful collaboration for Feels Good Man, which is Jones' feature…...

the three women running for office, composite image for Represent

September 25, 2020

Independent Lens Fall Season Has 2020 Vision

Independent Lens in Announcements

The upcoming slate of films airing on Independent Lens on PBS this fall is just one part of an incredible season coming up that will last through the Spring in…...