Armed in America: Faith & Guns title card
Beyond the Films

May 09, 2016

Armed in America: Faith & Guns

Independent Lens in Beyond the Films Join PBS for a town hall conversation about gun violence and the moral obligation to prevent it. Armed in America: Faith & Guns, a one-hour special event moderated by award-winning journalist Michel…...

Armed in America: Police & Guns title card
Beyond the Films

May 09, 2016

Armed in America: Police & Guns

Independent Lens in Join PBS for a town hall conversation examining the militarization of police and the nation's gun violence epidemic. Armed in America: Police & Guns, a one-hour special event moderated by award-winning…...

Filmmaker Abigail Disney sits down with Lucy McBath for the film Armor of Light
Behind the Films

May 09, 2016

Abigail Disney Wields the Power of Dialogue with The Armor of Light

Craig Phillips in Behind the Films

Abigail Disney (her grandfather was Roy O. Disney, Walt's brother and co-founder of the Walt Disney Company, just to get that out of the way) has long been a producer of…...

military man holding assault weapon
Test Your Knowledge

May 05, 2016

Gun Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Guns in America?

Independent Lens in Test Your Knowledge

No matter what your stance is on gun ownership, you may be surprised to learn the real trends fueling the debate. We created this gun quiz to test your knowledge about…...

Police in military fatigues huddle behind a SWAT robot
Beyond the Films

May 04, 2016

The Evolution of SWAT Team Equipment: From WWII Rifles to BearCats

Daniel Ross in Beyond the Films

When former Davis County Sheriff William "Dub" Lawrence, the subject of the Independent Lens film Peace Officer [Monday, May 9 at 9pm on PBS; check local listings], established one of Utah's first SWAT…...


May 03, 2016

PBS to Present “Armed in America” Town Halls, a Special Two-Night Event After Independent Lens

Independent Lens in Announcements

PBS will present ARMED IN AMERICA, a special two-night television event exploring the nation’s rising gun violence, is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, May 9-10, 2016. Armed in America centers around two…...