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Evolution of a Criminal: Juvenile Justice Quiz

With the broadcast television premiere of Evolution of a Criminal almost upon us (Monday, January 12th;┬ácheck local listings), we thought it’d be interesting to dig a little deeper into the topic of juvenile criminality in America. To step back for a moment, the Indie Spirit Award-nominated film itself is by filmmaker Darius Clark Monroe, who … READ MORE

Independent Lens Social Buzz 2014 in Review

By Elisabeth Copper, Independent Lens Social Media Manager 2014 was a great year for Independent Lens, and we owe it all to our incredible community of viewers and fans. People across the country tuned in to play music alongside the Swampers, investigate the 1985 MOVE bomb tragedy, visit an orphanage in India, and witness the … READ MORE

A Schedule Appears: Independent Lens Announces Winter/Spring ’15 Films

Coming to Independent Lens January through June 2015: an Oscar “shortlisted” film, several International Documentary Association Award winners, and SXSW, Sundance, and Tribeca winners, in a diverse slate of films that will take you to practically every corner of the United States and well beyond.


In Pursuit of “Happiness,” a Filmmaker Goes to Bhutan

The director Thomas Balmes talks about what brought him to Bhutan to make Happiness, including how encroaching technology like TV may change everything, not necessarily for the better, in that tiny Himalayan nation, and about how filming in a remote mountain village was even harder than he expected.