Filmmaker Reuben Atlas Shooting Brothers Hypnotic

April 04, 2014

Reuben Atlas Gets Down to Brass Tacks with Brothers Hypnotic

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New York-based producer, director, and "non-practicing lawyer" Reuben Atlas has filmmaking in the bloodlines and music frequently on his mind, so it's perhaps no huge surprise that he wanted to…...

October 02, 2013

Best Music Documentaries on Independent Lens and Beyond

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In honor of both Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman's Journey [which, if you missed it, is available 'til the end of this week to watch for free online] and the joyful Muscle Shoals,…...

October 01, 2013

Don’t Stop OVEE-ing: Online Screening of Everyman’s Journey

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Few bands hold the same iconic stature in American music lore as Journey. Decades of chart-topping hits and performances played on stages across the world. Following on the heels of…...

August 08, 2013

Throwback Thursday: “Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes” Free Online

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As part of Independent Lens's Throwback Thursdays series, and in honor of the 40th anniversary of hip-hop music, we're offering the documentary Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes to watch online for free…...

September 19, 2012

#TGIM! Indie Lens Fans Generate EPIC Monday Music Playlist

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We asked you for your favorite Monday music jams, and boy, did you come through! Turns out your tastes run from Wilco to NOFX, with some Mamas & the Papas…...

April 06, 2012

Playlist: Listen to a Sampling of Popular Haitian Music

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"Septentrional is the Buena Vista Social Club of Haiti." We keep hearing this comparison as we prepare for the premiere of When the Drum is Beating, premiering April 12, 2012…...

Behind the Films

March 30, 2012

The Inner Pulse of Alzheimer’s

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This week's premiere of Scott Kirschenbaum's You're Looking at Me Like I Live Here and I Don't has prompted an outpouring of stories from our viewers about the devastating disease.…...