Subject Hale Gualderama and other native Hawaiian religion members engaging in cultural practice.
Beyond the Films

April 26, 2019

Native Hawaiian Prisoners Learn Their Culture While Far From Home

Independent Lens in Beyond the Films

By Christine Hitt The Independent Lens documentary Out of State follows Native Hawaiian exiting inmates, who were sent out of Hawai‘i to a private prison in Arizona, and how they…...

Dasan and his mother out in the woods, from Tre Maison Dasan

March 25, 2019

Children Own Their Stories in Tre Maison Dasan

Craig Phillips in Behind the Films

Denali Tiller has been an artist, a teacher, a world traveler, and was named one of 110 “Filmmakers to Watch” by Variety, but Tre Maison Dasan happens to be her…...

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April 04, 2018

Watch The Seven-Part Series “Sentencing Children”:

Independent Lens in Watch Video

Watch our seven-part, Webby Award-nominated series on juvenile sentencing laws, "Sentencing Children." "Sentencing Children" was produced by Dan Birman and Independent Lens. This series is part of Independent Lens‘s commitment to…...

Beyond the Films

May 17, 2017

Teachers Beat the “Macho Culture” in Prisons through Art Programs

Chang in Beyond the Films

In the early 2000s, Hollywood invested in the urban fairy tale where a teacher is called into the principal’s office of a school in a low-income, broken part of town…...

L-R: Gabe Cowan (teacher/producer), Jarad, Antonio, Juan all look at footage from their film
Where Are They Now?

May 17, 2017

Juan and Jarad Write From Prison

Independent Lens in Where Are They Now?

We thought viewers of Ben Lear's They Call Us Monsters may be interested in hearing from the young men featured in the film. Yes, they have a lot of free…...

Guard tower at an American prison
Beyond the Films

May 05, 2017

The Prison Economy: How Do Prisons Affect the Places We Live?

Independent Lens in Beyond the Films

The Independent Lens film The Prison in Twelve Landscapes examines the effect prisons have on the communities around them in both positive and negative ways. Prisons can stimulate the economy and…...

Prison in Twelve Landscapes filmmaker Brett Story

May 05, 2017

Canadian Filmmaker Explores American Prison System’s Long Reach

Craig Phillips in Interviews

Canadian filmmaker Brett Story was recently awarded the inaugural New Visions Award from Canada's DOC Institute, who wrote of her, "Watching Story’s socially engaged but visually driven work provides ample evidence…...

Little Hope Was Arson graffiti

April 06, 2015

Little Hope Was Arson: A Letter from a Texas Jail

Craig Phillips in Where Are They Now?

Spoiler Alert: If you'd rather wait to learn more about the procedural around the arson cases explored in Little Hope Was Arson, we recommend saving this piece for right after you watch the film,…...

Cyntoia Brown calls her adoptive mother, Ellenette Brown, to tell her she

February 25, 2011

Me Facing Life: Seeking Redemption in Cyntoia’s Story

Brooke Shelby Biggs in

Dan Birman spent six years capturing the evolution and nuances of a case that is both depressingly common and refreshingly multifaceted. He met 16-year-old Cyntoia Brown after she murdered a…...