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TAKING THE HEAT: The First Women Firefighters of New York City

Women Firefighters Timeline


Film Credits

Directed by
Bann Roy

Narrated by
Susan Sarandon

Produced by
Barbara Multer-Wellin

Executive Producer
Michael P. Anderson

Consulting Producers
Debra Silverman
M. Dal Walton III

Talent Coordinator
Rona Edwards

Principle Camera
Bann Roy
Ruben OıMalley

Jason Blackburn

Bann Roy
Yoon Cho

First Assistant Director
Allison Teich

Sound Design
Michael Perricone, C.A.S.

Original Musical Score
Kathryn Bostic

Todd Sali

Main Title and Motion Graphics

After Effects Animation
Jackson Anderer

Project Manager for ITVS
Richard OıConnell

Special Thanks
Maureen McFadden
Amitanshu Das
The New York City Fire Department

Barbara Multer-Wellin
Gillian Goslinga
Jason Chappell
Debra Silverman

Assistant Editor
Andrew Koenig

Additional Camera
Warren Hansen
Somnath Sen
Gillian Goslinga
Frank Jarnot

Additional Sound
Jackson Anderer
Yoon Cho

Archival Material Courtesy of:
CBS News Archives
BBC Motion Gallery
NBC News Archives
WABC News Archives
AP/Wide World Photos
Battman Photography, NYC
The Chief-Leader
The FDNY Audio-Visual DepartmentJill Freedman
Star Tribune
New York City Fire Museum
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New York Post
The New York Times Co.
The News World
James Sallomi
Scholastic, Inc.
The Women’'s Quarterly
Laura Yanes

© New York Daily News, L.P. used with permission.

© The New Yorker Collection 1992 Tom Cheney from All Rights Reserved.

With generous contributions from the photo collections of:
Brenda Berkman
Catherine Berkman
Katrina Cannon
Cecilia Cox
Lorraine Cziko
Pam Elam
Patricia Fitzpatrick
Ken Gordon
Eileen Gregan
Rochelle Jones
Ella McNair

Additional Thanks
Tudor Applen
Catherine Berkman
Bob Brooks
Debevoise & Plimpton
Dino Harrera
John Jay College Dept. of Physical Education
Susan Larkin & Tony Phillips
Jane LaTour
Goutam Mitra
Legal Momentum
The Ms. Foundation
New York City Fire Museum
Regina Pope
New York Press Club
New York University Law School Womenıs Rights Clinic
New York University Wagner Labor Library
Randallıs Island Fire Academy
United Women Firefighters
The Vulcan Society Inc.
Amy Weinberg
Women in Fire Service
Harry Yoon
Rev. Johnny Youngblood
The parishioners of St Paul Community Baptist Church, Brooklyn

And all the participants of the film

"This is the Day"
Composed by Craig A. Hayes
Performed by the choir and parishioners of Saint Paul Community Baptist Church, Brooklyn

Legal Counsel
Don Gordon
Terry Chevillat

Executive Producer for ITVS
Sally Jo Fifer

This program was produced by Anjali Films, LLC, for the Independent Television Service.

This program was produced by Anjali Films LLC, which is solely responsible for its content.

Copyright 2005 Anjali Films, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


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