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The Jagans | Guyana

The Jagans

Cheddi Jagan
Created by Janet and Cheddi’s daughter Nadira, this site contains biographies of both Cheddi and Janet Jagan, articles written by Cheddi and a photo gallery.

The My Hero Project: Janet Jagan
A short biography honoring the life of Jagan, a “freedom hero.”

The Progressive: “From Chicago to Guyana”
This 1998 interview with Janet Jagan discusses her decades of work in Guyana and her then-position as the country’s president.

CNN: “President Cheddi Jagan Dies”
This 1997 obituary for Cheddi Jagan includes information on his impact on modern Guyanese politics.

WNYC: The Brian Lehrer Show: Expatriate Games
Listen to this 2003 radio interview with Janet Jagan from WNYC.

Patricia the Baby Manatee and Other Stories
By Janet Jagan
(Peepal Tree Press, 1995)
This collection of short stories features brave and sometimes mischievous animals and children and is set mainly in Guyana.

When Grandpa Cheddi Was A Boy and Other Stories
By Janet Jagan
(Peepal Tree Press, 1993)
One of Jagan’s children’s books about Guyanese history.

The West on Trial
By Cheddi Jagan
(Seven Seas, 1975)
Cheddi Jagan’s autobiography details his work in the fight for Guyana’s freedom and independence.

Caribbean Labor and Politics: Legacies of Cheddi Jagan and Michael Manley
By Perry Mars and Alma Young
(Wayne State University Press, 2004)
Linking the lives and works of Jagan and Jamaica’s Michael Manley, this collection of studies discusses the two leaders’ radical perspectives and influences on modern Caribbean politics.

Read news from major Guyanese newspapers and get links to essays and photo galleries.

CIA: The World Factbook: Guyana
Get statistics on Guyana’s population, economy and infrastructures, and view a country map.

Lonely Planet World Guide: Guyana
Learn more about Guyana’s history, attractions, environment and culture.

The Library of Congress: A Country Study: Guyana
This in-depth study features a country profile and chapters on Guyana’s ethnic populations, foreign relations, political and social history and more.

Wikipedia: Guyana
Learn more about Guyana’s economy, demographics, culture and history from this Wikipedia encyclopedia entry.

BBC News: Country Profile: Guyana
Find out how “political instability, inter-ethnic tension and economic mismanagement” has made Guyana’s one of the world’s poorest countries, and view a timeline of key historical events.

Guyana Today
Read recent news clips, articles and more regarding Guyana, the “land of six peoples.”

Guyana Caribbean Politics
Get more information on Guyanese politics and culture from this online forum for “conversation on Caribbean society.”

The Harvard Political Review: “Guyana: A Case Study in Democracy”
This 2001 article discusses how that year’s general elections “represented yet another test for a young democracy that has seen the best and worst of electoral politics,” as well as the work of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his Carter Center in support of Guyanese democracy. Guyana
Learn more about the Carter Center’s work in Guyana, including the 2003 opening of the Resource Center in Georgetown.


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