Philly D.A. team, Ted Passon, Nicole Salazar, Yoni Brook (l-r)
Behind the Films

April 19, 2021

How the Team Behind “Philly D.A.” Captured History for Epic Docuseries

Craig Phillips in Behind the Films

Philadelphia-based filmmakers Ted Passon and Yoni Brook, and producer Nicole Salazar, had to work as a well-oiled machine team to make an epic docuseries like Philly D.A. happen. Each one…...

Larry Krasner and his team celebrates their victory on election night in Philadelphia
Beyond the Films

April 09, 2021

Philadelphia Has a Long History of Fights Over Criminal Justice Reform

Independent Lens in Beyond the Films

By Kristal Sotomayor In order to understand the rich history of criminal reform work, up through the vivid stories of crime and punishment presented in the docuseries Philly D.A., it…...

Philly D.A. – Teaser

The docuseries Philly D.A. goes inside the tumultuous first term of Philadelphia’s unapologetic District Attorney Larry Krasner and his team of outsiders as they attempt to change the criminal justice system from the inside. Read More

Coded Bias

In an increasingly data-driven, automated world, the question of how to protect individuals’ civil liberties in the face of artificial intelligence looms larger by the day. Coded Bias follows M.I.T. Media Lab computer scientist Joy Buolamwini and her Algorithmic Justice League, along… Read More