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The Film

A TOUCH OF GREATNESS: Filmmaker’s Web Site
Visit the filmmaker’s site to watch video clips, view a photo gallery and read more about Albert Cullum.

Aubin Pictures
This not-for-profit documentary media production company, home to A TOUCH OF GREATNESS, focuses on arts and culture, sexuality and gender, reproductive health and rights and other social justice issues.

Books by Albert Cullum

Push Back the Desks
(MacMillan, 1967)

This classic book contains innovative ideas for elementary school grades and curricula, including the “grammar hospital” seen in A TOUCH OF GREATNESS.

Shake Hands with Shakespeare
(Scholastic, 1968)

Cullum’s revisions of eight Shakespeare plays includes tips for costumes and staging.

Greek Tears and Roman Laughter:
Ten Tragedies and Five Comedies for Schools

(Citation Press, 1970)
Cullum’s famous adaptations of Greek and Roman classics for budding dramatists of all ages.

Aesop in the Afternoon
(Citation Press, 1972)
These sixty-plus dramatizations of Aesop’s fables are suitable for younger students and include staging suggestions.

Murphy, Molly, Max and Me
(Delacorte, 1976)
In this fictional work, a child's friends, a dog, a doll, and a frog visit his teacher to see if they can work together to help him with a school problem.

You Think Just Because You're Big, You're Right
(Harlin Quist, 1976)
Text and pictures examine the inconsistent behavior of “big” adults towards children.

Greek and Roman Plays for the Intermediate Grades
(Fearon Teacher Aids, 1993)
Cullum’s versions of ancient plays are adaptable for school children, but preserve the content of the originals.

The Geranium On The Windowsill Just Died But Teacher You Went Right On
(Harlin Quist Books, 2000)
Written in 1978 and reprinted in 2000, this best-selling and timeless commentary on teachers and education is inspiring and illustrative of Cullum’s philosophy.

Arts in Education

Studio in a School
Read about programs bringing “professional artists into public schools, childcare centers, and community organizations to encourage children's creativity and to enrich their lives with the visual arts.”

Theatre for a New Audience
Founded in 1979, Theatre for a New Audience helps develop and vitalize the performance and study of Shakespeare’s works, as well as other classic dramas. Learn about its education initiatives.

The Arts Education Partnership
Read about the impact of arts in education from this national coalition of arts, education, philanthropic, government and business organizations.

American Alliance of Theatre and Education
Find out more about the projects of this theater and education organization, including the Theatre In Our Schools program that works to bring theatre into elementary schools.

This arts in education organization runs programs that reach students in New York City public schools, as well as family and community programs.

Read articles and reports and take “lessons” on the arts from this site for educators interested in teaching through and about the arts.

The Center for Arts Education
Find out more about the school programs run by this organization “committed to restoring and sustaining arts education as an essential part of every child's education in the New York City public schools.”

PBS: In Search of Shakespeare | Shakespeare for Elementary Students
Tips, articles, case studies and lesson plans created for elementary school educators provide inspiration and remind teachers that there are many ways that children can explore Shakespeare.

Shakespeare in the Schools
An educational outreach program developed by the University of Pittsburgh, Shakespeare in the Schools brings classic theater works to students. Download and view study guides on famous plays.

Shakespeare in American Communities
Funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, this touring theater company will bring Shakespeare productions and related educational activities to all 50 American states, including 13 military bases. Download educational guides and find out more about the plays.

Teaching and Education Reform

Teachers for Social Justice
Learn more about this group of educators who are working for equity and justice in schools.

Get facts, links and reports from this national organization, which is working to “end the misuses and flaws of standardized testing and to ensure that evaluation of students, teachers and schools is fair, open, valid and educationally beneficial.”

North Central Regional Educational Laboratory
The NCREL provides research-based resources to educators and policymakers. Browse online materials by topic, from After-School Programs to Technology in Education.

Rethinking Schools Online
Read articles and find Web resources from this publication on public school reform, which was started in 1986 by a group of Milwaukee-area schoolteachers.


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