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  • January 11
    10:00 PM
    A Day in the Life of America
    July 4th, 2017: 92 film crews, 24 hours, a snapshot of a nation on the verge of upheaval.
  • February 1
    12:00 AM
    9to5: The Story of a Movement
    Before the hit song or film, 9to5 was an inspiring demand for equality that encapsulated the spirit of both the women’s and labor movements of the 1970s.
  • February 8
    10:00 PM
    Women in Blue
    In the years leading up to the murder of George Floyd, four female Minneapolis police officers believe gender equity in the force can change the culture of policing in a department that would soon become a worldwide emblem of state violence.
  • February 22
    10:00 PM
    Mr. SOUL!
    In 1968, Ellis Haizlip created SOUL!, a public television variety show celebrating black culture, whose impact on representation continues to resonate.
  • March 22
    12:00 AM
    Coded Bias
    Racial bias in facial recognition algorithms — MIT Media Lab researcher Joy Buolamwini makes a startling discovery, and fallout ensues.
  • April 12
    10:00 PM
    Down a Dark Stairwell
    A shooting in New York City thrusts two marginalized communities into the uneven criminal justice system together.
  • May 24
    12:00 AM
    The Donut King
    Hard knocks, redemption, wealth, survival, risk, and donuts—Ted Ngoy’s life story has it all. It’s the American Dream, with a (glazed) twist.
  • June 21
    12:00 AM
    Two Gods
    A Muslim mortician uses the rituals of death to teach two troubled teenagers how to live better lives.
  • June 28
    10:00 PM
    The People vs. Agent Orange
    Two women, one American and one Vietnamese, fight to hold the chemical industry accountable for a devastating legacy.