Are There Too Many Cooks in This Hawaiian Kitchen? | alter-NATIVE: Kitchen Ep. 4

  • Short Film (0:05:45) | IN Peaceful
    Premiere: 11/19/2019 | Available until 11/19/2024

“Are There Too Many Cooks in This Hawaiian Kitchen?” Kalā Domingo, a culinary student in Hawaii, cooks with his caterer father for an Indigenous conference in Maui and a reception in Oahu, where they make dishes like Hō’i’o/Pohole salad, ‘uala (Hawaiian sweet potato) with chipotle cream cheese and local pea tendril, kimchi, a delicious version of traditional poi, and a poke using fresh local ingredients. They also incorporate non-native seaweed (limu) as a way of paying respects to the late ethnobotanist Dr. Isabella Aiona Abbott, the first Native Hawaiian woman to earn a PhD in science, who is being honored in Oahu. Will father and son butt heads in a busy, crowded kitchen, or make it happen?

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