Back to Malheur: Two Years Later

  • Short Film (0:13:29) | IN Melancholy
    Premiere: 8/14/2018

In January of 2016, rancher/activist Ammon Bundy led a heavily-armed contingent to take over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon to protest the sentencing of two ranchers, demanding the federal government transfer the land to local ownership. In this follow-up to the documentary No Man’s Land, return to Malheur Refuge two years later for a perspective on what transpired. Journalist Hal Herring reflects on both the 41-day occupation and the meaning of accessible public land in America; Malheur Field Station director Duncan Evered, who was alone at the field station when the Bundy activists began their armed occupation, thinks back on those intense 41 days as he leads wildlife walks in the same territory; and we meet Andy Dunbar, a rancher who leases land on Malheur and whose family has been there since the ’40s. Local ranchers like Dunbar had been working with the federal Refuge and environmental groups to find common ground, when the militia came to town.

Directed by No Man’s Land filmmaker David Byars.

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