Forever Pure – “We Have Arabs in Our Team?” – Clip

  • clip (0:01:50) | IN Dramatic
    Premiere: 5/15/2017

In this excerpt from the Independent Lens documentary Forever Pure, Dzhabrail Kadiyev and Zaur Sadayev, two young, Muslim soccer players who were brought over from Chechen to play for the popular team Beitar FC in Israel, begin training and are greeted angrily by a rowdy, anti-Muslim group of Beitar fans at the training field. While the team tries to welcome the players, as the manager introduces them to the team’s captain, Ariel Harush, who is to help them with whatever they need, they are soon distracted by the chants and threats. “You brought us two Muslims, not football players!” fans in the stands yell, before cursing out the new players by name.

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