Is Van Life Harder for Solo Black Women? | American Nomads, Ep. 2

  • Short Film (0:06:30) | IN Inspirational
    Premiere: 1/3/2020 | Available until 1/14/2025

“Life is meant to be lived, and [instead] we’re living for bills.”

Crystal left her old life behind to seek financial independence living in her van, and now she’s developed a significant following on YouTube as one of the few African American vandwellers sharing her experiences on the site. As she heads north to Maine to meet up and share stories with a few of her followers, we’ll get a glimpse of the joys–as well as the challenges–of being a single African American woman living life on the road. But the beauty of the #VanLife lifestyle is if she doesn’t feel safe somewhere, she can pick up and leave.

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