Ovarian Psycos – Women Find Strength in Numbers – Clip

  • clip (0:02:00) | IN Dramatic
    Premiere: 3/26/2017

In this excerpt from Independent Lens documentary Ovarian Psycos, Xela, Andi Xoch, “Joss the Boss,” and other East Los Angeles cyclists talk about how empowering it is to ride as part of a group of women of color, to claim a safe space in otherwise dangerous areas. One of the most important parts of these rides is the dialogue the women have together, to educate and support each other. Joss says this is for the “uneducated woman, the knuckleheaded girls, the punk rockers for the cholas, for the sisters in the neighborhood that live that hard life.” These rides are for women to not be scared while on the streets in their bicycles, and from that a fire was ignited.

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