The Interpreters – Trailer

  • Preview (0:00:30) | IN Dramatic
    Premiere: 11/11/2019

The Interpreters is a poignant but tense portrayal of a very human and high-stakes side of war’s aftermath, the story of how Afghan and Iraqi interpreters risked their lives aiding American troops–but then became the people we left behind. 

During the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, more than 50,000 local interpreters helped protect U.S. military forces on the ground, enabling them to communicate with the local population. But those who took the job were often considered traitors. As the years go by, hope dwindles for the thousands of interpreters still seeking the protection they were promised for their sacrifice. In the aftermath of war, some have been able to leave their home countries and reach safety, with others still languishing in hiding, fearing for their lives. Filmed over the course of two years The Interpreters follows three of these men, each facing what seems an impossible, unfathomable dilemma for them and their families.

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