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Top: A purple puppet with two braids with pink bows, wearing a green dress, waves and says “Click on a photo and let’s go!”

International co-productions of Sesame Street are each tailored to the cultural, social and political demands of their country’s viewers. Bangladesh’s co-production is called Sisimpur, a Bangladeshi combination of Sesame and pur, which means small town or village.

From landscape to leaves, masks to sweets, go behind-the-scenes to find out about the symbolic elements used in crafting Sisimpur. Take a trip through the creation of the set, which reflects the rich culture of Bangladesh.

Lights shine on a set with a large leafy tree, several buildings and a fence, with several people surrounding a group of Muppets consisting of a tiger, a yellow Muppet and a blue one A man with a mustache holds several paper leaves between his fingers A large yellow building with four windows, rooftop balconies and a porch with three arches sits on a set behind several trees An aerial view of a set with trees, a rooftop balcony, a red building and a brown wooden building with a porch and tables

A wooden structure with front porch, wooden tables and chairs, adorned
with colorful hand-painted birds and flowers A purple Muppet in braids and a red and white sari, a blue Muppet and a bespectacled green Muppet sing and dance in front of a building with a thatched roof and hanging lanterns and masks Children dressed in white and red traditional clothing gather around a tree on the edge of a pond, holding balloons and playing instruments An older man in glasses sits next to a large bird puppet with an orange feather and a white and pink tail, in front of a wall of colorful masks

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Photographs and graphics provided courtesy of Sesame Workshop.
Sesame Street® and associated characters, trademarks and design elements are owned and licensed by Sesame Workshop. ©2006 Sesame Workshop. All Rights Reserved.

Banyan tree, Saidul Haque Juise, tea shop, Bengali New Year and landscape photographs provided courtesy of Participant Productions.

Home, sweet shop and puppet photographs provided courtesy of Nayantara Communications.


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