Their average age is 81, but the spirited members of the Young@Heart Chorus perform songs by artists from The Clash to Coldplay for audiences around the world, upending assumptions about friendship, old age, life, and death.
Thirteen members of the Young@Heart Chorus, each wearing matching white collared shirts, laugh amongst themselves.
Are You Young at Heart?
Do you know a senior citizen who is aging gracefully? Upload your stories, videos, or photos of the inspirational elders in your life. An older man laughs as he sits at a table with a red plastic cup in his hand.
An older woman wearing a white shirt and a black and tan patterned scarf smiles widely at the camera.
An older woman in a white shirt sits at a table with her arms folded in front of her.
Interview: Bob Cilman
Chorus director Bob Cilman doesn't coddle his singers. He expects them to hit their cues as well as their notes, every time. Cilman is tough, demanding, and he loves his job.
Behind the Scenes
“My journey encompassed pretty well every human emotion I had ever experienced. There was fun and laughter and there was pathos and tragedy.”
Bottom left: Chorus director Bob Cilman, wearing a grey sweater and sporting a mop of curly graying hair, raises his arms to conduct the chorus.
Filmmaker Stephen Walker looks into the camera with a slight smile on his face
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