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Check out It's My Life, the popular Web site for kids age 8 to 13 from the producers of In the Mix. Since 2002, It's My Life has provided tweens with a safe online community to explore the life skills issues that most affect them. Now available are these It's My Life resources for educators and parents:

  • "Tweens Take On...": A DVD compilation of 15 short video clips featuring kids and their opinions on such topics as Bullies, Dealing With Divorce, Depression, and more! Also available is a free companion discussion guide.
  • "It's My Life: The Guide To Friendship": A colorfully designed and illustrated book that helps tweens explore many issues surrounding friendship, including conflict resolution. Features quizzes, journal pages, and "Think Sheets" that can be used one-on-one or as part of a lesson plan.
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Visit our Lesson Plans and Discussion Guides section for printable lessons addressing health-related topics such as depression, drug abuse, alcohol, and sex.

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