1. The 3 major categories of inhalants are volatile solvents, nitrates, and __________.
6. This narcotic is often found in cough syrups or combined with Tylenol as a pain reliever.
9. This hallocinogen is often found on small paper squares or in powder and/or laced in sugar cubes.
10. A narcotic injected and frequently used following surgery or with patients in a great deal of pain.
12. The chemical within the brain that is responsible for pleasurable sensations.


2. Originated from a Greek word meaning "numbness" and is a general category of drug.
3. Another name for marijuana.
4. PCP falls into this drug category.
5. Medical uses for this drug are for surgery or injury recover, or possibly growth stimulation.
6. One of the most powerful stimulants known to humans.
7. This club drug is nicknamed STP for "serenity, tranquility, and peace."
8. Hallucinogens containing psilocybin.
11. This drug's proper name is phencyclidine.

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