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"The Best Birthday Present Ever"

Estimated Time of Completion: One 50-minute period, plus homework assignment

I. Summary
II. Objectives
III. Materials Needed
IV. Procedure
V. Classroom Assessment
VI. Extensions and Adaptations
VII. Online Resources
VIII. Relevant National Standards

I. Summary:
For grades 7-9. In this lesson, students will gather basic facts about tobacco addiction, including cigarette ingredients, physical effects, tobacco advertising, and how to quit. They will use their understanding of these facts to compose a letter to someone they love, asking them to quit smoking. Letters will present arguments based on the facts.

II. Objectives:

III. Materials Needed:

IV. Procedure:

  1. Explain to students that they will be writing a letter to someone they love, asking them to quit smoking. The opening line will be: "All I want for my birthday is for you to quit smoking." They are to include at least 4 personal reasons, at least 6 facts about smoking, and at least 4 methods and/or benefits of quitting smoking.

  2. Hand out the Project Map as the assignment is explained. They will be instructed to take good notes during the video, especially in the areas of smoking facts, how to quit smoking, and the benefits of quitting smoking.

  3. Hand out the Tobacco Fact Sheet so they can compare their own notes with the facts they'll need to complete the assignment.

  4. Show the PBS In the Mix video "Smoking: The Truth Unfiltered."

  5. Prior to writing the letter, they are to create their own image map or diagram where their ideas are placed within the map. They are then to use the image map to compose their letter in which the opening sentence is "All I want for my birthday is for you to quit smoking. It should be directed to someone they love or care for and follow the Project Map for minimum content.

V. Classroom Assessment:

Score student work according to the following 100-point scale:

VI. Extensions and Adaptations:

VII. Online Resources:

See the Smoking Information Web sites list

VIII. Relevant National Standards:

These are established by McREL at http://www.mcrel.org/standards-benchmarks/docs/contents.html:


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About the Author:
Judy Terando
has taught Physical Education and Health since 1965, focusing on bringing technology into the classroom and spurring student creativity. She currently teaches high school in La Salle, IL.

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