9-11: Looking Back...Moving Forward
Some things can never be lost...
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A Song For America's Youth
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A Song For America's Youth

Music-- listening to it, singing it, creating it-- always helps during difficult times. In response to the events of September 11, four students at Boston's Berklee College of Music wrote "United States (Take A Good Look)", which was featured in this In the Mix episode.

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I took a good look at the news today
I swear I heard the thunder in my mind
I took a good look at myself today
A different kind of tear fell from my eye
What were they thinking?

I heard the angels cry
All through the night

I took a good look at the world today
A dark cloud covered New York City skies
But then I took a good look at my home today
50 states, 300 million strong
We shall go on, united as one

Every day when I wake up now
I know there must be something we can do
So everyone who shares this pain, the time is now
It comes down to me and you
'Cause love's still living

It's raining stars and stripes
All through the night

Written by Brett Epstein, Jon Small, Martin Silverstone, and Adam Countryman
Berklee College of Music