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Abusive Relationships: Get Help, Get Out
"[Many teens] think an abusive relationship is usually a guy hitting a girl and just beating her," observes one of the many perceptive teens in this powerful program about abuse in adolescent relationships. What this young woman already knows, and viewers will soon discover, is that abuse comes in many different forms, and it can be hard to recognize at first. Teenagers of diverse backgrounds, including Native Americans, speak frankly about their experiences with dating violence. What make this program particularly unique are the stories from a male victim as well as siblings and friends. The program is organized into sections which first teach teens how to identify abuse and then answer these important questions: What happens next? Why not leave? When did you realize? How do you get out? Who can help? Where do you go from here? What would you tell others? This program raises awareness about the various resources available -- teachers, counselors, friends, parents -- and also encourages bystanders to speak out.
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Action Against AIDS
We all have the power to help stop the AIDS epidemic! On location at the AIDS Dance-A-Thon in New York City, In the Mix interviews Rosie Perez, Queen Latifah and KRS-1 about what they're doing for the cause. Plus, a look at an AIDS Hotline started by students for other students, and an unforgettable discussion among teens about HIV/AIDS and how it affects their lives. In "Mail Call", questions, answers, and opinions about sex and abstinence.
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Cliques: Behind The Labels
In the Mix and actor Jerry O'Connell examine the truth behind high school cliques. Meet the "popular girls," the "skaters," the "goths," the "freaks", the "geeks". They're more alike than anyone might think! All say they experience harrassment, feel misunderstood, and admit that stereotyping creates rifts between groups of friends...often leading to cruelty and mistreatment. The program shows viewers that the people "behind the labels" are individuals with much more in common than they thought. Teens on the program also speak out about breaking down barriers and overcoming social challenges to make friends and feel comfortable with who they are.
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College: A Crash Course
Is college just about parties, pranks, and professors? Spend a day in the life of Nathan Marshall, In the Mix reporter and freshman at Ithaca College – and find out what college life is really like. Plus, In the Mix follows reporter Andrea Barrow, a high school junior, on the start of the long and winding college application journey. She gets the inside info for you on what admissions officers look for, the best way to complete an application, how pick the right school, and sew up some tuition money with financial aid. If you think college just isn't "for you", watch this and you'll think again!
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Competition and Stress
Is winning everything? In the Mix explores the different aspects of competition and takes a look at how some teens handle the stress of competing and losing. We meet an Olympic skier and a high school ski team, a string quartet preparing for a performance, and teens going through dance auditions. We also follow a championship high school basketball team and their coach through a game. In response to viewer mail, teens speak out about what causes stress in their life and how they deal with it, as they offer advice to other teens.
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Conflict Resolution...Thinking It Through
We follow a group of high school students as they participate in a conflict resolution workshop led by an experienced facilitator and social worker who encourages them develop their own solutions. After each student describes a recent conflict with a friend or family, they explore ways they commonly handle conflicts?avoiding, confronting, or problem solving and communication?finding it is often based on the situation. One student points out that conflict can be an opportunity to strengthen relationships if dealt with properly; however it is difficult. The facilitator then helps them understand basic communication skills, including how to use ?I? messages to open a discussion and what it takes to be a good listener. The students practice these skills, applying them to their recent conflicts. This program is useful to open discussion on conflict resolution and communication. It can also be used to train teachers and others in conducting similar workshops.
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Consumer Smarts
Did you know that teens will spend over a BILLION dollars this year on all kinds of stuff? Are we getting the most for our money or are we getting scammed? Our In the Mix interns worked around the clock to bring you their favorite consumer segments from past episodes. Find out how to make a demo tape, break into the music biz, or simply which audiocassette is best for creating your own hot mixes. Plus everything you need to know if you're thinking about getting a tattoo. From car repairs to modeling agencies, In the Mix gives you the lowdown on how NOT to get ripped off.
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Depression: What YOU Can Do!
There's no question that serious depression, self-mutilation, suicide attempts and deaths are increasing among middle school age youth. The earlier it is identified and treated, the better the prognosis. This program includes: a diverse group of 13 year olds discussing what they would do if a friend confided they were cutting or thinking of suicide; a compelling interview with Sandrina, still a teen, who at 15 was depressed, cutting herself, became involved in an abusive relationship, and eventually attempted suicide; a middle school counselor who describes the signs of depression, reassures that it's OK to break a promise, and identifies other adults to go to for help; and a child psychiatrist at the NYU Child Study Center who dispels misconceptions about the causes of depression and treatment, as well as the negative effect of alcohol and drugs.
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Ethics: Cheating and Plagiarism
Is copying homework from a friend considered cheating? What about getting material from the Internet? The issue of cheating in schools is more prevalent and relevant than ever in today’s culture; polls show that 80% of high school students admit to having cheated. In this program, teens speak out frankly about why they feel the need to cheat, and raise questions about the definition of cheating. We also meet ninth graders from a New Jersey high school who are required to participate in a series of ethics courses and, in a cheating and plagiarism workshop, wrestle with typical situations and solutions. The students also discuss the long term effects of cheating and ways that it might be prevented. According to Booklist, "This video addresses a troubling topic in an intelligent manner... questions serve as potent classroom discussion starters."
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Fit For Life: Eat Smart and Exercise
There's no question that many teens in the U.S. are overweight and don't get enough exercise; in fact, an estimated 15% are considered obese, with the numbers growing. Even those who are thin often eat poorly. In this program, four diverse teen reporters point out the current and future dangers of an unhealthy lifestyle, such as low energy, difficulty concentrating, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and diabetes. To help viewers make smart choices, this episode offers easy-to-use information about reading labels to check the fat and sugar in food; ways to exercise at home; eating well at fast food restaurants; changing family habits; and much more. We also visit a school that makes nutrition and fitness part of the curriculum and a Boys & Girls Club where middle school teens learn nutrition basics and fun activities. Through humor, surprising facts, and compelling personal stories, teens and parents alike see how they can gain more energy and self-esteem through a healthy lifestyle.

Interns and Volunteers: Giving and Getting Back
Hosted by In the Mix interns, this program looks at various ways teens can gain valuable skills and a head start on careers, while making a positive difference in the world. We meet teens volunteering at Youthline, a helpline for their peers, teens who started a mentoring program in their neighborhood, and teen environmental activists who cleaned up their local beach. We also take an ambulance ride with an amazing group of young, lifesaving EMT's, and we see how other teens join Habitat for Humanity to build a house on their spring break. Plus, a winner of react magazine's scholarship award and a teen intern at Polygram Records who designs album covers. They all give their time to help others, but in return they get back much more experience and self-esteem.
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Iraq Unplugged
This special, a follow-up to
Voices From Iraq, covers a second videoconference between a group of Baghdad teens and their peers from a Connecticut school just weeks after the Bush Administration declared an end to major combat in Iraq. The episode offers viewers unique insight on post-Saddam Iraq through the eyes of teens who lived through the war. They talk openly about their experiences, their attitudes about the U.S., and their hopes for the future.
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It's My Life: Tweens Take On...
It's My Life
( is the PBS Kids Web site for 8-14 year olds to explore (you guessed it!) life and the stuff we all deal with every day. Whatever problem you're having, whether it's an issue with your friends, family, school, or your body and emotions, others have gone through the same thing. You can get info and advice, play games, take quizzes and polls, and share your experiences with young people all over the world. On this In the Mix special we'll see tweens take on issues important to all of us, like Bullying, Depression, Sibling Rivalry, Divorce, Time Management, Crushes and more.
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Living With Change (The New Normal Series)
As one girl said soon after 9/11, "Our lives have changed in so many ways, and we won't really know how until the dust settles." In this episode, hosted by Eden Riegel of ALL MY CHILDREN, we highlight how teens have responded to the ongoing events of September 11. Among those speaking out are students who were closest to Ground Zero and have returned to their schools; a teen EMT who volunteered at the site; a boy who abused drugs but stopped after 9/11; and a teen who lost her step-father, a fireman. Teenagers in California and Colorado also reveal how the attacks and terrorist threats have changed their lives and hopes for the future.
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Love Shouldn't Hurt: Recognizing Dating Violence
Dating violence is a serious problem affecting 1 in every 5 girls. This program features a yearly county wide symposium to raise awareness and educate both sexes. Attended by nearly 300 diverse teens, the highlight is a group of peer educators who perform vignettes and then answer in character to questions raised by audience members who also give advice. It opens discussion among boys and girls on this critical issue. Note: Program length is 18 minutes.
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Media Literacy: TV - What You Don't See!
By the time the average student graduates from high school, he or she will have watched 15,000 hours of television. Yikes! We'll show you what's behind the boob tube with a revealing look at video editing tricks and techniques, a lesson in how news stories are chosen and covered, some personal insights from veteran newsman Peter Jennings, and a close-up examination of images used in advertising and music videos. Learn ways to analyze and evaluate what you see on TV – and know whether or not to believe it.
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