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How Sherwood High School Got Started

How Sherwood H.S. students got started:

Sherwood High School studentsStudents from PROJECT CHANGE, an activist group, attended meetings where they received training on the topic of bullying prevention. At one of these same meetings, the teens were informed about a number of mini-grants that were going to be available for National Youth Service Day (April 15, 2005). They went back to their group and told the teen and adult members that they were interested in applying for a mini-grant to fund a bullying prevention project.

So, the group applied in November 2004 to Youth Venture (an organization who had received a grant from Youth Service America) for a mini-grant to fund a bullying prevention project that they entitled You Have the Power! (YHTP!). In December, the teens participated in a telephone interview where they presented You Have the Power! to a panel of judges from Youth Venture. In January 2005, the teens learned that their application had been accepted and that Youth Venture, via the funding from Youth Service America, would be giving the teens $550 for the project.

Sherwood High School studentsThe teens then began recruiting other youth from Sherwood to join the project, including some from the SADD chapter and TV production class. At this point the original group of 5-6 teens met with their school's assistant principal and informed her about their project. She then contacted principals at the local middle schools to see if they would want to participate with the youth project. The principal at Rosa Parks Middle School expressed an interest, and the assistant principal at the middle school became the contact for the project. He selected students to participate and the H.S. students met with them after school. This shows how important it is to set the administration involved in a project.

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