Dealing With Death
"To weep is to make less the depth of grief" -- William Shakespeare
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Dealing With Death

Let's face it: death is part of life. It seems that way now more than ever, doesn't it? We're constantly surrounded by death in the news, on television, in films and music...not to mention in our own lives. Yet it's a totally taboo subject in most families, schools, and communities. When we lose a loved one-- whether to illness, suicide, or violence-- most of us are left to face our pain alone.
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In this episode, In the Mix breaks the silence and encourages young people to frankly discuss their thoughts and experiences surrounding the issue. We meet teens who are confronting death head-on in a variety of ways. The point? That it's more than okay to think about, talk about, and express yourself about death. Actually, it's essential.
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Teens participating in a New York City video production programs interview friends and one another to create their own documentaries about grief, death, and new ways to look at life. Leah and Julia published their personal essays and poems about death in the Urban Health Chronicles, a teen newsletter. Michael and Reynold, who are members of the Harlem Writer's Crew program, use art, photography, and writing to explore their feelings about gun violence and death in their neighborhood.
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College student Laura has been living with cystic fibrosis since birth. She talks about how her terminal illness affects how she and her friends view death. Finally, young people struggling with the loss of someone they love find help through bereavement support groups.
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We are sad to announce that in March 2003, Laura passed away at the age of 22. You can hear more from this remarkable young woman through her radio diary "My So-Called Lungs", which aired on National Public Radio in 2002. Her memoir, entitled "Breathing For A Living," will be published by Hyperion Books in spring 2003. Laura, we will miss you, and thanks for sharing part of your life with In the Mix staff and viewers!

"Dealing With Death" was funded by the Open Society Institute's Youth Media Program and the Project on Death in America. The program is regularly re-broadcast on PBS affiliates across the country. Please check our schedule and station list for airtimes.

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