A bitter pill to swallow...Before you pop one, know the facts.
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First Person: Teen Stories of Addiction | Facts About Club Drugs
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Ecstasy and other drugs like Ketamine, acid and GHB have branched out beyond clubs and raves. People are using them at home, in school...pretty much everywhere. Word has it, they're not "real" drugs; they're not addictive and using them can't get you into trouble. They're harmless fun, right? Wrong. In the Mix teamed up with actress Erika Christensen, who played a teen drug addict in the movie "Traffic", to explore the realities of "E".
[Facts about teens and club drugs]

Young people whose drug use landed them in the hospital, in prison, and in rehab share their stories. [Watch video clip] Now, they're getting their lives back on track and have a lot to say to other young people currently using drugs...or even just thinking about it.
[Teens from across the country talk about their experiences with and attitudes towards club drugs]

Dr. Alan Leshner, Director of the National Insitute on Drug Abuse, demonstrates the short-term and long-term physical effects of club drugs. [Watch video clip] For the brain: depression and memory loss, among other fun things. And for the body? Seizures, strokes, and heart attacks are all possibilities. Ride along in an ambulance with teens who see the devastating fallout of drug use first-hand as part of their volunteer work as EMT's.
[What should I do if my friend is having
a bad reaction to drugs?]

[Take our poll: Have you used ecstasy or a similar drug in the past month?]

A Miami undercover cop gives us his perspective on the club drug scene, and we watch via hidden camera as a drug dealer gets busted. [Watch video clip] Westchester County D.A. Jeanine Pirro lays down the law by explaining exactly what happens after a teen is arrested for drug possession.
[What are the legal consquences of getting caught with ecstasy?]
[Great resources] [Get help 24/7]

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