Self-Expression, Self-Esteem...Around The World

Moby says we are all made of stars...and endless creativity.

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Self-Expression, Self-Esteem...Around The World

“I don’t know how people can live with having to keep their emotions bottled up inside, because I’ve always had this creative outlet.” – Moby

How do you bring out what's inside you to the rest of the world? How do you announce who you are and what you care about? If you draw, paint, write, sing, play music, dance, or create in any other way, that's self-expression! You probably already know that it makes you feel good, feel heard, and feel alive. But self-expression is also great way for young people to learn valuable skills for the future, such as cooperation, compromise, organization, time management, self-confidence, overcoming obstacles and working toward goals. This inspiring In the Mix episode, co-hosted by musician and composer Moby, explores some different ways teens around the world are finding a voice through self-expression.

Canadian aboriginal drum workshopIn Ontario, Canada, aboriginal youth learn to make traditional drums, connecting with their culture and each other. Matthew, a participant, says, "Drumming is story-telling.  It brings people together.  It just takes your mind off of other stressful things. I’m trying to strengthen my understanding of my own culture...I’m surrounded by people who do not understand my culture and I wasn’t able to fully explain it to them."

Dreams Workshop in TurkeyIn Turkey, trained teens volunteer as mentors to young children as they create confidence-building art projects in “Dreams Workshops.” Explains one teen mentor: "I learned to communicate, share my ideas, speak up in public, and develop relationships with others...I’m not someone that can easily express their feelings. I learned to do that. You start with children."

Little Masters workshop in China In China, we meet young reporters participating in the 20-year old “Little Masters” journalism program, which empowers them to explore social issues while creating their own newspaper. Says one member of the program: "I learned a lot from working in the newspaper office that I couldn’t learn from a classroom. I think it’s a very good experience, not only for people in China, but for everyone to study and live together. "

Documentary workshop in MexicoIn Mexico, children and teens work together to make short documentary videos focused on problems, like littering and pollution, in their community. When the videos are finished, says one boy, "They give us space and time so that we can present something. I like all that, because I can practice what I like to do with others and also be able to mature with them." Adds another participant: "It’s the part that was missing here.  There had always been programs for children and adults, but teenagers never had a place. Camara has given them that place."

Finally, back in the U.S., teens from de ZaDigital stories workshop in Dallasvala Middle School in the Dallas/Forth area learn to create short digital stories on the topic of "Global Destiny," which they share on the Web at This program is designed to provide young people with an artistic outlet through which to express how they view the world as they see it today versus how they'd like it to be. Through the year, the initiative will expand to other areas of the country, with each school site building digital stories around a chosen theme weaving together the art, poetry, and photography created by the students.

Throughout the program, Moby speaks out frankly about his music and the importance of self-expression, especially as a teen, in dealing with problems. The goal? To encourage young people to express themselves through art and other means, identify their talents, connect with their peers, think about present and future issues, and, above all else, make a difference.

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