Episode 3: Land of Plenty, Land of Want

Episode 3: Land of Plenty, Land of Want

Examines how farmers can feed Earth’s growing population without impoverishing the land and endangering our environment. Case studies show drought, loss of topsoil, water pollution, misuse of chemicals and pesticides, and loss of farmland to urbanization.

  • Zimbabwe: Affected by climate change, small-scale farmers on marginal land struggle to survive a drought.
  • France: The remote mountain villages of central France suffer the loss of farmers fleeing to places like Brittany where intensive agriculture has polluted the water and affected the local fisheries.
  • China: An agricultural revolution has enabled farmers to feed the world's most populous nation but an industrial boom is rapidly displacing agricultural land, forcing farmers to work the soil more intensively, threatening environmental damage.
  • United States: In Iowa, farmers use high technology to dramatically increase yields, while, in Pennsylvania, no-till farming preserves some of the richest topsoil in the world.

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