Episode 4: On the Brink

Episode 4: On the Brink

Considers a growing national security threat throughout the world: how environmental pressures can lead to terrorism, regional conflict, political crises, and increased hostilities. Case studies delve into the connections between national security and deforestation, soil erosion, water depletion, air pollution, surging refugee populations, and global climate change.

  • India/Bangladesh: The story of Bangladeshis fleeing their homeland to live in squalor in Calcutta's slums is about environmental inequities, poverty, anger and violence.
  • South Africa: Despite the victory of independence in 1994, the legacy of Apartheid left thousands of South Africans without significant resources, commerce or job opportunities.
  • Peru: Unemployed migrants forced to leave the remote highlands of the Andes face environmental inequities and extreme poverty atop the world's driest deserts.
  • Haiti: Uncontrolled logging and the conversion of forests into farmland have contributed to an environmental nightmare in Haiti.
  • United States: Everyday, thousands of illegal immigrants attempt to cross the Mexican/US border through the dangerous wastelands surrounding the Sonora Desert.

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