Episode 1: Rivers of Destiny

Episode 1: Rivers of Destiny

Journeys to four major river systems to investigate environmental pressures facing those whose lives depend upon the health of their river. Case studies examine the resulting problems from tampering with wildlife habitat, floods, water rights, destruction of the Amazon rain forest, over fishing, and the impact of economic development on water resources.

  • The Mississippi: Periodic floods ravage upstream towns, while the health of the river's Gulf of Mexico fishery is threatened by the loss of nutrient-rich sediments.
  • The Amazon: Brazilian fishermen struggle to make a living as aquatic life in the world's mightiest river is affected by deforestation.
  • The Jordan: In the arid landscape of the Middle East, availability of water is determined as much by politics as by the environment.
  • The Mekong: On a waterway that sustains people from six different nations, upstream development and an economic boom affect the Vietnamese.

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