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The Borderlands Overview

Landscape paintingThe territory that Mexico ceded to the United States at the end of the war is a unique region with its own diverse history and culture. The Borderlands refers to the area on both sides of the boundary between the two countries, including the present-day states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. It was an area where Mexican, Native American and Anglo-American cultures both clashed and blended. Struggles over land, legal rights and political power among various groups continued long after the U.S.-Mexican War ended. This area has become one of the most dynamic economic and politically important regions of the United States.

The Borderlands on the Eve of War

A Conversation With David J. Weber

The Travail of War

by Deena González

A Major Watershed

by R. David Edmunds

Mexican Perceptions during the War

by Jesus Velasco-Marquez