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Fillmore Website Credits

We are honored that our website was awarded
Second Place, Instructional Education Resource
from The National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA), 2000

Producer / Designer / Integrator Kim Nies
Content Producer Jeffrey Edalatpour
KQED Web Content Manager Bill Elias
KQED Web Developer Brian Underwood
Quicktime Editor Lindsay Sablosky

PBS National Launch
Producer Colleen Wilson
Web Developer JP Collins
Content Writer/Researcher Elizabeth Pepin

KQED Education Network
Director Richard Winefield
Administrator, School Services Indra Mungal
Lead Writer, Lesson Plans Samantha Davidson

Communications Coordinator Juan Moran

Teacher Contributors:

Joel Arquillos
Avi Black
Emmanuel Medina
Alan Phelps
Robert Roth
Shane Safer
Debbie Samake

The Morris Stulsaft Foundation provided funding for educational outreach for the program, including this website.



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