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Voyage to Kure: Expedition Diaries

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Goals for the Expedition

- To launch an exciting and innovative expedition in the Cousteau tradition, showing the interconnectedness of all species on and beyond these remarkable islands. Among the most remote islands on the planet, the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands are home to the last remnant of wild coral in U.S. waters, thick with fish and large predators. The islands' tiny land masses serve as nesting and pupping grounds for more than 15 million seabirds, green sea turtles and rare Hawaiian monk seals.

- To increase public awareness of the importance of creating further conservation plans for the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, a unique marine and cultural treasure. These islands are one of the oldest National Wildlife Refuges (so designated by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1909). The surrounding waters are also a Coral Reef Ecosystem Reserve (so designated by President Bill Clinton in 2000) and are currently managed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Marine Sanctuary Program. In addition, the island of Kure is under the jurisdiction of the state of Hawaii's Department of Land and Natural Resources.

- To present the ongoing scientific research being conducted so as to better understand the population dynamics of various native species, both in recovery and decline, and to measure the success of human efforts to restore, preserve and protect these fragile ecosystems.

- To chronicle exploration of this remote and wild environment, uncovering stories of native people who once inhabited the islands and examining the effects of exploitation by outsiders.

- To continue a 40-year tradition of groundbreaking documentary television. The Cousteau family is legendary for ocean exploration and filmmaking, beginning in the 1960s with The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau. In Voyage to Kure, the Ocean Adventures team continues to set the standard for innovation in underwater television production values, using the latest in lighting technology and high-definition video to create a program of breathtaking beauty.

- To bridge the connection between remote natural environments, the effect that human behavior and marine debris have on them, and what we can do to be better citizens of our blue planet.