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Gary Holland, Sound Engineer

Gary Holland
Photo credit: Carrie Vonderhaar

Gary Holland brings over 30 years of professional sound and music recording expertise from television and feature film work, to the Ocean Adventures "X" team. Along with colleagues Don Santee, Expedition Leader and Chuck Davis, Director of Photography, he was part of Jacques Cousteau's famous Calypso film team.

During his 9-year stint with Capt. Cousteau, Gary developed a technique for making underwater hydrophone recordings in true stereo. His Orca recordings from this time are still used by Cornell University as the definitive hydrophone stereo recordings of this genre.

For the next 16 years Gary honed his craft in sound production in the Motion Picture Industry as well as episodic television all while raising a family with three girls. He has now come full circle, returning to his roots in documentary film sound production.

Gary is proud to be part of Ocean Adventures, bringing a new era of High Definition Television Programming, along with Digital Audio for 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound, into the homes of old and new fans alike. He hopes the team and TV series will inspire young people, just as he was in his youth. For Gary, "it's all about communicating information that teaches people "everything is connected" and that we all must become strong stewards to protect the natural wonders of our planet."