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Jacob Kilbride, Marine Operations

Jacob Kilbride
Photo credit: Carrie Vonderhaar

Jacob Kilbride was born to dive, representing 3 generations of ocean men in his family. His grandfather, Burt, was a famous treasure hunter who worked with Jacques and Jean-Michel Cousteau. Jake's father, Jim, is also a diver who worked on Cousteau Society film expeditions and educational projects in the 1990s. Today, Jake is following in his father's and grandfather's footsteps, making a name for himself as a key member of the Marine Operations crew for Ocean Adventures.

Before embarking on this adventure, Jake spent years of his childhood in and around the waters of the British Virgin Islands. He later joined the U.S. Coast Guard, serving as a boat coxswain and a law enforcement officer. He also participated in maritime rescues and search and recovery missions. After his Coast Guard service, Jake pursued his passion for diving by attending the Santa Barbara City College Marine Technology Program. Jake's training includes decompression chamber operation, mixed gas diving, surface supplied diving, and closed-circuit rebreather diving. He is also certified as an Emergency Medical Technician.

When on location, Jake is the "go to guy." He is the king of multitasking, harboring the ability to fix gear on short notice, skipper vessels, and blend gases for dives that require heliox and nitrox. When the opportunity to get in the water comes his way, Jake doesn't hesitate. He has enjoyed the distinct fortune of diving alongside his father, Jean-Michel and humpback whales in Hawaii during the making of America's Underwater Treasures. For Jake, "This was one of life's great, spiritual moments, one I'll never forget."