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Thank you for such a wonderful journey with Mr. Grosvenor. While a difficult walk to take, I am certain that it provided resolution after all these years. My daughter (age 33) and I were discussing the program long into the night, and the fact that so many WW2 veterans, like my own late father, never talked about their experiences. She surprised me by telling me that over the last few years he often shared stories that we never heard, including his participation in the liberation of Dachau. How I wish he had included us in these recountings, but how blessed she feels that he chose her to be his confidante.

Keep up the masterful work. Author David McCollough recently commented at a presentation I attended that history has not been taught properly for the last two generations. Teachers can't come out of college with a degree in education; they still need a major that they are passionate about. And our textbooks are dumbed-down and boring. He believes, like I do, that many books and movies and documentaries do a much better job of teaching our past. He would be proud of your film!

--Gayle Padfield, PA


This program was brilliant -- one of the best films on PBS I have ever seen. Truly moving and a story I never knew! Thank you for making this possible!

--Andrew Stoner, IN

Outstanding program that celebrates the courage of a true American and the brave men and women of Belgium that stood up to the occupiers. A good lesson for those who take freedom for granted and don't understand that it is won and preserved at a cost.

--Bill Wright, TX

Thank you for showing this inspirational story. Once I tuned in I was riveted to the tv. Programs like this are so valuable. They help us never to forget the courage of many so called "ordinary people" who through great sacrifice became Extraordinary People". Also because they teach us a valuable history lesson that should never be forgotten as these amazing people should never be forgotten. Even though it could cost them their lives or worse bring suffering to those they loved they realized what a great evil civilization faced.

It always causes me to wonder if under the same circumstance would I be able to do the same. Of course our soldiers are facing this every day.

I'm very grateful for this outstanding program.

--R. Trail, TX

I started watching about 15 minutes into the film and was riveted untill the end. The research video montages of old photos and the 3D effects on the old photos was great. It was truly interesting and will tell my Belgian friends to watch it.

--John V., VT

Thank you for this touching account! As we move farther away in time from World War II, there are ever fewer opportunities to hear about the heroes who fought, and eventually defeated, the enemy. I'm a French teacher who is always appreciative of hearing French being spoken as a native language outside of France. I love that I am allowed to really listen to the French, with the English translation given in subtitles! I will encourage my students to watch this program when it rebroadcasts. Thank you!

--Crystal Paynter, PA

Thank you so much for this inspirational program.
There are so many unsung heroes during wartime that it is good to hear and be reminded of the giving generosity of so many. I wonder if I would be as courageous, even during times when freedom is taken from us. This program gave me much to ponder. Thanks again

--Diane, NY

Exquisitely moving and inspiring, from both a spiritual and historical perspective.the 3-D effect of the black-and-white photographs created a magical (and harrowing) effect of vicariously being there, within that world. I happened upon the broadcast by accident and was riveted, weeping by the end.this was one of the most transformational experiences I have ever had as a television viewer and left me with an overwhelming sense of admiration for the courage and "ordinary" heroism of the Belgian people, these women, especially who laid their lives on the line. especially affecting was the story of the mother/son duo who were taken prisoners and, though tortured, in a shared gaze, knew that they would not faculty at the honors division at UMASS, I see in my students a shocking absence of historical awareness, a kind of indifferent entitlement in the face of such recent global events....even when revealed through the personal stories of people like those in your film.

Take this to college campuses, please, and demonstrate the meaning of moral conviction, risking everything to protect each individual's freedom from political or spiritual oppression, and, most of all, compassion-in-action.your film is brilliantly incisive, emotionally evocative, and elegantly crafted. bravo! and thank you for providing me with insight into the nature of anonymous heroism during world war II.

--Sally Greenhouse, MA

My daughter & I were riveted to the TV from the beginning of the show. I had planned to tape & watch later. I now intend to buy the DVD. What a wonderful tribute to an American hero & numerous Belgian heroes. I'm still in tears. I wonder what the world would do in these times of chaos. Would we be as brave?

--Emlyn Jansa, TX

I thoroughly enjoyed this program. The details, the little things, of the life of the airmen and the resistance families were so eloquently presented.
This program lifted my spirits, I wanted to keep watching it ..i didn't want it to end. Everyday folks of various walks of life, perfect strangers, came together, that made, not just a chain but a chain that never ends ..a circle.
Your program was very inspire ring and thoughtfully presented.
Thank you.
P. S. I also learned a lot Will you study this subject some more for us? please?.

--Kathleen Henderson, S.C.

As a French scholar and history buff, I found this program fascinating as well as inspiring and uplifting. The participants' observations about life and freedom are both poetic and profound. I was deeply moved.

Thank you.

--D. Tolley, TX

It was with great interest that I watched the touching and powerful "Last Best Hope". The heroism, belief in purpose, and humility exhibited by the Belgium and French patriots who helped our soldiers in need was remarkable. As the son of a WWII veteran, It is my hope that more of my fellow Gen X'ers can not only learn of the immense scope of the war, but also to never forget the sacrifice the members of my father's generation made for something we all too often take for granted - our freedom. Thank you, PBS.

--C. Montville, OH

I saw "Last Best Hope" on KCET-TV in Los Angeles this afternoon. It is a tribute to the ordinary men and women of Belgium who risked so much to help downed Allied aviators at their time of need during World War Two. Now in their 70s and 80s, these brave Belgians are an inspiration for all of us. I want to thank them for all that they did.

--George Spink, CA


I had the privilege to attend the premiere of the film in Washington D.C.. My mother who was in the underground in Antwerp during the war, and was invited by the Belgium Embassy to attend. I met Mr. Grosvenor and his wife and son. It was a very moving time during the showing. I was very impressed as I sat next to my mother and saw by the expressions on her face that a lot of memories must have come rushing back for her. This is a film I am very proud of viewing. Although it is not of my mother's group it is a great commemorative piece of art.

I hope there will be a version released in Belgium.

--Michael Mihalko, PA


One of the most riveting, dramatic, and inspiring WW-II true stories I have ever seen, bar none. It really was an insightful look into the details of a part of the war we have heard very little about.

-- R. Hicks, OR

The story warrants being shown often to explain the great risks Belgian's took in helping fight the occupation the best they could. It's my experience a number of WWII soldiers have difficulty sharing their story. It was wonderful that family members had an opportunity to know what happened "over there" to Bill Grosvenor. I'm currently reading an autobiography of another WWII fighter pilot, Walt Stueck and what impresses me is how young many pilots there were and the extreme chances they took.

--J.T., TX


This was a mesmerizing story, produced and directed with moving artistry, preserving the honor due those whose lived it. Thank you.

L. Spinner, OK


It is difficult to express my feelings upon viewing this extraordinary journey into history. My mother and grandfather were involved in the Belgium resistance/underground; neither knew the activities of the other - it was too dangerous. It was a subject that was not spoken about: I regret that they are no longer with us so that they could see your work and perhaps realize the time had come to share their experiences.

--R.P., FL

Absolutely riveting! I could not leave my chair for the whole hour and a half. Astounding that so many people and places could be found so many years later. Our gratitude to the airman & family who let this story be told.

I wish programs like this could be shown in our school's history classes. Freedom never has been free and films like this bring it home so much more than reading it our of a history book.

--C. Browning, CA

I was overcome and gratified by this wonderful story of the Belgian resistance in WWII. Even more so because Bill's son sought out the story of his father's and the resistance fighters' ordeals during the German occupation.

Hanging by a thread, if any one thing went wrong, he might not be here to tell this uplifting story of so much heroism on the part of the Belgian and French women and men who were stunningly strong and courageous in trying to get the pilots and airmen back to England.

I was absolutely thrilled by the story - what a wonderful piece of history, and courage to be forever preserved on film! BRAVO to PBS for showing this film!! Please show it again - it's one of the best WWII stories I've ever seen.

--Barbara Woodin, PA

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