Lawrence of Arabia
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Emerging Middle East
Revolt stalls

Map: Arab Revolt fighting

The Grand Sharif appealed to the British for the support he had been promised. Cairo was concerned the Revolt was no longer making progress.

Skeptics in London insisted the Revolt was doomed; a waste of time and resources.

The Oriental Secretary in Egypt, Ronald Storrs, decided to go to Jeddah in October 1916 to see for himself.

He took a young intelligence officer with him for company - T.E. Lawrence. When Storrs sailed back to Egypt Lawrence stood on the shore and waved him goodbye.

Following his destiny, Lawrence remained in the Hejaz, traveling between Hussein's four sons, looking for the man that could lead the Arabs to victory.


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  Britain nearly abandoned their support of the Arab Revolt fearing it had lost momentum and stood little chance of success.


Lawrence of Arabia