Lawrence of Arabia
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Aqaba Fort
The scene of a great Arab victory in July 1916 when this heavily defended Turkish stronghold fell to a daring Arab camel charge. Lawrence rode triumphantly from here to Cairo to report the good news to an astonished General Allenby. The port of Aqaba became a major supply base for the advancing Arab Revolt.
Finding it: the restored fort lies on the waterfront in Aqaba old town.

Azraq Fort
This black basalt fort, in almost continuous military use since Roman times, became the headquarters of Prince Feisal's northern Arab army in 1917. Deep in the desert, far from the Turkish held Hejaz railway, Lawrence conducted his guerrilla operations from this oasis town.
Finding it: Azraq lies an hour by road east of Amman

Wadi Rum
Lawrence and Auda operated throughout 1917 in this extraordinary desert landscape and from here the strike on Aqaba was launched. It provided David Lean with his most memorable movie locations for his epic 1962 film 'Lawrence of Arabia'.
Finding it: Wadi Rum lies an hour by road east of Aqaba

Lawrence travelled to Petra both before and during the war and was captivated by the majestic beauty of the Nabataean temples and tombs carved into the rock.
Finding it: Jordan's number one tourist site, Petra is located near the town of Wadi Mousa, three hours south of Amman

The ancient Crusader city of Karak, dominated by the castle built by Baldwin I of Jerusalem in 1142 AD, greatly impressed Lawrence on his study tour in 1909. He spent many days here exploring tunnels, dungeons and sketching the castle.
Finding it: Karak is two hours from Amman along the Desert highway

Oxford | Dorset | London | Syria | Jordan

Jordan remembers Lawrence
  Lawrence is remembered well in Jordan  

Lawrence of Arabia