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Is Anybody Listening?
Satelite Dish Ours is a restless species, and in our wanderlust we have explored the Earth and sent probes to look for life on some of the Sun's other planets. But any way you look at it, interstellar spaceflight is a daunting prospect. It's pretty roomy out there.

But we're also a communicative species. Perhaps the best way to search for life on the trillions of planets circling other suns is through communication... if there are intelligent beings out there who want to communicate with us. Today we have the means to broadcast messages to the planets and stars... but is anybody out there listening?

Determine the probability yourself with the Drake Equation. Explore interstellar communication in The Infosphere. Learn more about SETI and UFOs. And Write to an Alien in our forum area.

Is anybody listening? Some scientists say no, arguing that if intelligent beings exist elsewhere, they would have paid a visit to Earth already. Put the theory to the test in this video experiment.
Timothy Ferris
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