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  Are you having trouble balancing work and family? This week in our "Digital Lunchroom" web visitors are talking about walking the shaky line between making a life and making a living!

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  "Call me crazy, but I think that working is for the birds. That's why I've come up with these top 10 ways to beat the 3 hour workday..."

The Workday that Wouldn't Die
  It's a 24-7 world, and more Americans are working non-traditional hours, including the night shift. Will Durst stays up all night and discovers that white collar employees are actually driving up the nocturnal population. Are we ready for a round-the-clock work world?  
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  Has your job gone global? The next Livelyhood, to air summer of 2001, packs its bags and heads to Italy, Africa, Brazil, Singapore and good ole' Iowa. We want to know what you think about the globalization of your workplace. Help us shape the show... Discussion Board !!  
  This week Congress just voted down a new ergonomics law. To talk about this in your classroom, download our interactive teacher guides related to worker safety. Teacher Guides  

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