Why I Hate Summer

hate summer. Now I do. Didn’t as a kid. Of course, now I don’t get three months off bicycling between pools and softball fields. I start getting depressed with the vernal equinox. Here’s some stuff I hate about summer. If you have video capability, you’ll find out more.
  • Hotel hallways full of softball teams eliminated in the first round of some tournament so they are free to party until three am
  • Baseball games on the radio I am not listening to
  • It’s hot and I’m wearing a vest
  • Flights are so packed the passengers feel like futuristic freeze-dried sardine snacks.
  • Denver International Airport
  • The smell of other people’s barbecues
  • For some reason, all the stories we are sent to cover are in East Arkansas, Mid-Central Louisiana or anywhere else the weatherman gets to say these words: "highs in the low 100’s"

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