Lost Liners
Scavenger Hunt

1. Most people know what happened to the Lusitania, but what happened to its sister 
   ship, the Mauretania? 

2. Dr. Robert Ballard was in charge of the team that found the Titanic, as well as 
   the Lusitania, and the Empress of Ireland. What college did he go to? Where does 
   he currently work? What other projects is he associated with? 

3. The Titanic had a sister ship that was called "Britannic."  Where did the 
   Britanic sink?

4. Where could you find a comprehensive picture album of oceanliners? Hint: The 
   oceanliners could be called "Monsters of the Sea."

5. What are the first two lines of the national anthem for Ireland? 

6. The Lusitania sank on May 7, 1915. Name the millionaire on the ship. Name 
   the famous producer on the ship. 

7. How many people lost their lives on the Lusitania? 

8. From what harbor did the Empress of Ireland embark from in its very last voyage? 

9. Financier J.P. Morgan helped finance the Titanic to compete with the Cunard 
   line of ships from Britain. What does J.P. stand for? 

10. The first Morse code SOS signal was given from the Titanic as it went down. 
    Name two modern day ways of signaling distress while sailing. 

11. The ship _____________ sank while it was en route to Liverpool, England. What 
    is the current temperature Fahrenheit in Liverpool?

12. The typical steerage fare to cross the Atlantic Ocean was $33. How many 
    British pounds is that? 

13. The Cunard Lines developed, and still develops, passenger ships. How could 
    you contact them to book a cruise?

14. Immigrants traveled from Ireland to the land of promise. Create travel plans to 
    Dublin, Ireland.  About how much would it cost to fly from your location to 
	an airport Dublin? 

15. The Lusitania, Titanic, and Empress of Ireland all traveled the Mid-Atlantic 
    waterway. If it were to stop in Iceland, what would the climate be like?