"Challenger" interview worksheet

Please assist this student in investigating the 1986 explosion of the 
Space Shuttle Challenger.  We appreciate your cooperation and responses 
to the questions below.   Please respond to only ONE survey request.

1. Circle your age group:  25-30    30-45   45-50   50-55   55 or above

2. Where were you when you first heard about the explosion of the Challenger?

3. What can you remember about the event and its impact on you?

4. What do you think caused the shuttle disaster?

5. If the opportunity were available, would you accept an opportunity to 
   fly on the shuttle now?

6. Do you feel that the space program should be:



   Scaled Back_______


   Please explain your answer:

7. Do you feel that the space program serves a useful purpose in regard 
   to developing and increasing technological knowledge that is usable in 
   everyday life?  Please explain:

Thank you for your help!