Manor House
"Housemaids should make every care and attention never to be observed by the Family while doing their duties" House Rules
Sir John Olliff-Cooper
Photograph of Eva Morrison helping Lady Olliff-Cooper to dress

Eva is known as 'Morrison' to Lady Olliff-Cooper, but 'Miss Morrison' to the other servants

Sir John and Mr. Edgar talking at the fete

Hugh Edgar is known as 'Edgar' by the family

Lady Olliff-Cooper has to wait for her lady's maid to help her get dressed
The housemaids struggle into their own corsets every morning
"I'm not a spoilt brat but I'm used to my mum doing all my cooking and my cleaning and going out at night-time and not having to get up in the morning. I miss my boyfriend really badly – it's horrible."
Lucy, scullery maid
Edwardian Life:
How to Treat your Servants

Master and Servant Relationship
All Family members should maintain appropriate relationships with the Staff. As Upper Servants will work directly to the Family, a trusting and respectful relationship should be established.

Your Footmen are a proclamation of your wealth and prestige. They are representatives of your Household and Family and as such it is advantageous that you develop a good relationship. However, as Lower Servants, they do not expect to be addressed outside the receipt of instructions.

While the Housemaids will clean the House during the day, they should make every care and attention never to be observed by you doing their duties. If by chance you do meet, you should expect them to "give way" to you by standing still and averting their gaze, whilst you walk past, leaving them un-noticed. By not acknowledging them, you will spare them the shame of explaining their presence.

How to Address your Servants

  • It is customary for the Butler to be addressed courteously by his Surname, "Edgar".

  • It is customary for the Housekeeper to be given the title of "Missus ~", regardless of whether she is single or married.

  • It is customary for the Chef de Cuisine to be addressed as such, or by the title "Monsieur ~".

  • It is customary for your Lady's Maid to be given the title of "Miss ~", regardless of whether she is single or married. It is however acceptable for the Mistress to address her by her Christian name.

  • It is customary for a Tutor to be addressed by the title of "Mister ~".

  • It is very much the custom in the old houses that, when entering into new Service, Lower Servants adopt new names given to them by their Masters. You may follow this tradition and rename certain members of your Staff. Common names for matching Footmen are James and John. Emma is popular for Housemaids.

  • It is not expected that you take the trouble to remember the names of all your Staff. Indeed, in order to avoid obliging you to converse with them, Lower Servants will endeavour to make themselves invisible to you. As such they should not be acknowledged.

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