Manor House
"The best advice to Ladies contemplating painting their face is that there is a thoroughly right and wrong way of doing it" House Rules
Lady Olliff-Cooper
Lady Olliff-Cooper getting some help with her hat

Lady Olliff-Cooper gets some help with her hat

Photograph of Miss Anson

Miss Anson and her nephew, Mister Jonathan

Snob Status
"We like our food more sanitised nowadays, we like it plastic wrapped from the supermarket, with no noticeable resemblance to animals."
Lady Olliff-Cooper
Edwardian Life:
Advice for an Edwardian Lady

Etiquette tips for the Mistress of the House

  • Women of the Upper Classes often use bad language and even dowagers say, "Damn". All Ladies must consider whether being "fast" or being respectable is to be preferred.

  • Since Lady Essex began to smoke in public at the Carlton Hotel, the habit has become socially acceptable at the highest levels of Society. Some however, still find it deplorable. A true lady should take her present company's inclination into consideration before indulging herself.

  • When motoring, it is advisable that Ladies carry hairpins and a hand mirror as indispensable aids to attractive travelling.

  • It is important to keep abreast of the latest smart fashions. Slang "Americanisms", hairstyles and facial expressions all help to create the up-to-the-minute woman of fashion.

  • The best advice to those contemplating painting their face is that there is a thoroughly right and wrong way of doing it. In this matter the art of concealing is of primary importance. Ladies who powder and paint in supposed imitation of the heightened charms of singers and actresses are apt to forget that these latter are only seen at a distance, which adds a charm to the broad and glaring effect, precisely as it does to the coarse daubing of the scene painter.

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