Manor House
"When Upper and Lower Servants are dining together, Lower Servants should speak only when addressed by their superiors." House Rules
Monsieur Dubiard
Antonia helping Monsieur Dubiard in the kitchen

Antonia the kitchen maid helps Monsieur Dubiard prepare a meal

Lady Olliff-Cooper has to wait for her lady's maid to help her get dressed
The housemaids struggle into their own corsets every morning
"I'm not a spoilt brat but I'm used to my mum doing all my cooking and my cleaning and going out at night-time and not having to get up in the morning. I miss my boyfriend really badly – it's horrible."
Lucy, scullery maid
Edwardian Life:
Servants' Mealtimes

Meal Times
Servants' meals are "Breakfast", "Dinner" and "Supper" respectively whereas family meals are "Breakfast", "Luncheon", "Dinner" and often a late night "Supper". In both instances "Dinner" is the most formal meal of the day.

Beer Allowance
Beer is served at all Servants' meals, including Breakfast, at the Butler's discretion. Should a servant choose not to take beer, he or she may redeem its value as a "Beer Allowance." This will be paid in cash with the quarterly wages.

Seating at table
There is a very strict observance of where each Servant is to sit. The seating position reflects the person's position in the hierarchy. The Butler as head of the Servants will sit at the head of the table, and the Housekeeper will be seated at the opposite end.

The male Servants are to sit in order of hierarchy down one side of the table and the female Servants in order of hierarchy down the other. The first footman will sit on the Butler's right and the Lady's Maid on his left. No one is to be seated until the Butler indicates his permission.

When Upper and Lower Servants are dining together, Lower Servants should speak only when addressed by their superiors. At Dinner and Supper it is customary for the Upper Servants to take their pudding, tea and coffee in the Housekeeper's Room (Pug's Parlour). The First Footman will then be in charge in the Servants' Hall until the Upper Servants return.

This is the most formal of all the meals. The Second Footman is responsible for signalling its commencement by ringing a hand bell. The Upper Servants are to meet in the Housekeeper's Room (Pug's Parlour), and then file into the Servants' Hall in order of precedence. The Butler, as head of the household Staff, will always lead the way. This ceremonious entrance is often referred to as the "Pug's Parade."

At Dinner the Butler should carve and send the plate down to the Housekeeper to serve the vegetables. The Second Footman will take the plates round to each servant in order of seniority.

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