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"The servants are my friends but the masters, they are my enemy!" Monsieur Dubiard, chef de cuisine
M Dubiard
M Dubiard

The Chef de Cuisine: Daily Duties

Monsieur Dubiard prepares his own meat in the meat larder
Monsieur Dubiard prepares his own meat in the meat larder

Edwardian Life

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How to Address the Family

The People: Denis Dubiard

Denis: Thoughts After Leaving The House, 2002

What expectations did you have about entering Manor House?
Expectations of hard work and hard labour.Wariness about the other members of the staff and their knowledge of the demanded work & living conditions.The expectation of going back to school. The expectation of going back at my Grand Parents birth era, to have a feel at their hardships. The expectation of finding about my own limits and capabilities.

What do you feel you've learnt?
I have relearned old techniques of cooking, how to work with the environment that was from that era. Reiterating movements in certain section of my profession that became very rare to perform in the 21st century. I have learnt the importance in discipline & a better understanding in food preparation.

What do you like or dislike most?
I have hated to be separated from my boots for few weeks, as they had to be sent for repair 3 bloody times. Glue and plastic soles are may be not a good combination for those Edwardian Boots, I did though about standard of craftsman-ship are deteriorating.

What did you find the hardest aspect of the role you assumed?
To satisfy people!

What did you miss most from the 21st century? Did you ever give in to temptation?
Yes, I gave in to temptation, a Scottish soul stopped and look at me, he took pity on me, he opened the passenger door and ask me to jump in, I told him I can't! my body gave up, I jumped in. I did rebuke so many offers from some of the locals, I even went on my knees to one of them, a cook for the production who stopped half ways through to Manderston, I asked her to leave me alone and to leave me finish the last stretch, I had to go on my knees to make her understand, that she was kind but I did not want to jump in. I hope she did not take offence at my decision.

What did you like and dislike most about the Edwardian era?
(The cutthroat razor) I needed more practice really!

UPDATE: 2003
Denis is now head chef at a bistro in Redstone. He misses the house and has found it hard since leaving it. He would return tomorrow given the chance, with or without the cameras.


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