Manor House Miss Morrison
"When I go to the cinema to see the period films, I'm not looking at the stars, I'm looking at the dresses." Miss Morrison, lady's maid
Miss Morrison
Miss Morrison

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The Lady's Maid: Daily Duties

For a big event, even the lady's maid comes down to help out in the kitchen
For a big event, even the lady's maid comes down to help out in the kitchen

Edwardian Life

A Typical Day in the House

How to Address the Family

The People: Eva Morrison

Eva: On Entering the House

Why do you think you would be a good lady's maid in The Edwardian Country House?
"During my studies in Hairdressing at Telford College, Edinburgh, I also embarked in the study of fashion and fabrics. I enjoyed this immensely and consequently this interest allowed me to open a shop retailing fashion and fabrics, and at present own my own business: The Victorian Drapery in West Lothian, Scotland. As with the hairdressing salons, the fabric and haberdashery shop is a resounding success."

"In the Victorian Drapery, I carry out alterations and curtain making. I am also involved in ballet costume making along with fancy dress costumes many of which have been awarded prizes."

What would you hope to gain from the experience?
"I would love to relive my grandmother's experiences. When I was young my grandmother used to tell me fascinating stories about her life in service, which are imprinted on by memory."

"In 1910, at the age of fourteen, she travelled from Scotland to Northern Ireland to take up the position of Kitchen Maid to the Count and Countess of Antrim for three years in Antrim Castle. The Countess was the lady-in-waiting to the Queen. The castle employed nineteen indoor and twenty-seven outdoor servants."

"My grandmother told of the good times but also the hard work and early morning starts to each day. She had a great respect for her Ladyship and depended largely on the cook who was totally in charge of the kitchen."

"To relive my grandmother's fascinating past, by being in the Manor House would undoubtedly be a long-time dream come true and a once in a lifetime experience."


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